Sunday, July 19, 2009

The woman behind the design...

Many of you may know Jenny and many may not. If you do know her, you know that she is dynamic in a quiet way. I met Jenny about six or seven years ago. She did the designs for a store I co-partnered with. I quickly found that she was a kindred spirit and a talented graphic designer.  have since sold my store but kept in touch with Jenny and now she designs all the graphics for my antique show. Jenny has also during this time created her passion, Live Artfully, a magazine full of creativity and passion. I was meeting with Jenny the other day and felt I needed to take her picture.


I cannot imagine not having Jenny a part of every aspect of my business and as my friend. Jenny is teaching me how to navigate this blog world but unfortunately I wanted to add this to the previous post which shows a Widget that Jenny designed for her magazine. Please look at Friday's post and see how cool it is. Jenny will be designing a Widget for my next show. Sooo...if you haven't seen Jenny's magazine, which the newest issue just came out, rush to purchase one or contact her at


  1. love that Jenny - she teaches us all how to live artfully!

  2. Patti's Artful DesignJuly 26, 2009 at 9:17 AM

    I feel so honored to call her "friend." Yes, she does "Live Artfully" in every way!