Thursday, October 8, 2009

April Cornell

April and donna with the sai kripa team

Artist and designer April Cornell has delighted us with her linens, bedding, and women's and girl's clothing for years. Her colorful interpretations of nature in the fabrics she creates and the artistic, feminine details of her clothing styles bring beauty into many women's lives. She and her team are coming all the way from Burlington, Vermont to be special guests at Remnants this weekend. 


I have long been a fan of April's work, but what really draws me to her is her heart. April is a citizen of the world. If you follow her blog, you'll see she is all over the world in search of inspiration and sources for her designs. But her spiritual home is in India, where she has a home and factories. Years ago, seeing the needs of those around her in India, April founded the Giving World Foundation. The foundation serves mostly children and women who she likes to say need "A hand up rather than a hand out." One of the projects she supports is the Sai Kripa school which you see her and Donna Larrabee visiting last month in the photo above. 


April has a truck full of her trademark linens and a sampling of clothing with her for the show. Her booth will be a warm, colorful meeting place for creative kindred spirits. A percentage of the entrance fee is being donated to the Giving World Foundation. I'm Looking forward to a wonderful day with April in our midst.

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  1. I was so sorry I already booked my Fall Trip to MI so that I couldn't go to your show! I know it was most likely more than fabulous! Next year, I'm planning AROUND it.:)