Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heather Bullard

I have not met Heather but feel like I know her. I have followed her blog, for over a year now. I have loved her style using something old and something new. Heather's style is the epitomy of Modern Vintage Lifestyle. Heather's career has focused on interior design and antiques. Heather has a online boutique which showcases her wonderful finds and beautiful photography.  

Heather's new venture will be as a contributing editor to Flea Market Style Magazine. I am so happy that there is going to be a new magazine hitting the stands. With all of my favorites no longer around, I knew I would be going in to magazine withdrawl shock.  

I am very excited that Heather and her husband will be coming to my show on October 10th. Be sure to check out her treasures.


Heather Bullard 1




Heather Bullard 2

Heather bullard 3

Welcome Heather and hubby!

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  1. i've personally met Heather, getting to spend the day with her as we took a class together. she is so sweet and full of the best ideas. she had plenty of advice to share with me, being very naive of the business end of my career and we had some great laughs during dinner. i've followed her blog for awhile too and it is fun to read hers now that she is home from your event.