Sunday, December 6, 2009


One of my most favorite things to do...flea markets. This past weekend was Antiques by the Bay in Alameda. Stephen and I always make it a fun weekend getaway. This weekend was touch and go with the weather. The storm front was to come in the afternoon of the market. We woke to cloudy skies but oh...they were so beautiful. 


A hole in Heaven.

Then I look the other way toward the city and the Trans American building is lit up.


We narrowly escaped the storm but I came home with some goodies.


After unloading the car, I dove straight into my Christmas decorating. Here is one of my vignettes.

 Many of these decorations are from my favorite store Tancredi & Morgan. I have lots still to do but I love it! Christmas music, a roaring fire, and a glass of brandy. Perfect! Now...if I just could get a little elf to clear up the aftermath of decorating for Christmas.


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  1. Oh my!! I LOVE all your goodies! How exciting it must have been to get home with such fun stuff! Happy for you, girl! =]
    Love your hole in Heaven picture. Aren't those holes so amazing??
    Thanks for sharing! Have a warm and wonderful week~