Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blue Canoe Reloaded

Tim and Lisa with Rachel Ashwell.


When I first opened my store Well...La de Da, I went to the San Juan Bautista Flea market for the first time. It must have been at least 100 degrees but that didn't stop me when I came across this booth that made my jaw drop. I bought so many pieces that I couldn't get them home. At the time, this shop was called Blue Canoe. They were so kind that they offered to drop them by my store on their way back home. Over the years, I would buy from them and then I lost touch with them. About two years ago, I was shopping at Alameda and again came across this booth that was absolutely amazing. Of course it was Tim and Lisa, Blue Canoe Reloaded. Tim and Lisa make and sell most of their things and their creations are truly a site to behold. Of course, I asked them to participate in the show and the timing was just not right. Two years later, they are coming!!! Wait until you see their creations. Tim and Lisa love to use bits and pieces of old wood, metal, bottles and anything that they can reinvent into something spectacular. So be prepared to be say WOW when you arrive at the show.

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  1. I just wish Tim & Lisa had a blog or website - their booth at the show was AMAZING! We saw them as we puled out of town Sunday morning...all of us yelling across the highway and waving!!! What a fun & talented couple they are.

    Deb @ Retreat