Friday, March 26, 2010

Pinks and Peonies

I met Mark and Debbie about 13 years ago when I first had my little store called "Well...La de Da!" Whenever they were visiting the area, they would stop in to say Hi and look at any new treasures I had. I loved when they came in the store! They were always full of fun, excitement for life and very family oriented. My kind of people. Over the years, we had lost touch with each other. I think it was my second or third show, they came to see what it was all about. I was so excited to see them! Each and every time, Debbie would say to me..."I think that Mark and I need to have a booth here." "We have so much!" So, they were as excited as myself when I invited them to do the show. Debbie is an Interior Designer. Her husband, Mark and herself travel the world so the have a broad view of design. Debbie loves old architecture, industrial, the unusual with an European twist. From all their travels, they have quite a collection of treasured finds and are very excited to let some of them go at Remnants. Lucky us!

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