Monday, March 15, 2010

Up In the Attic

I remember seeing Pam singing her heart out at church and thinking...not only does she have an awesome voice but I loved her style, white tailored blouse, jeans, boots and always a cool jacket. Little did I know that we would be seeing each other twice a year and doing our passions in the same booth. As many of you have read on my blog in the past, Kriste and I have been walking partners for over 10 years. We walk along sharing and solving the world's problems. One early morning, Kriste tells me that Pam is now designing jewelry out of old ephemera and soldering. Kriste was thinking of representing her and I said, "Why don't you participate in this vintage show that I was going to be starting?" That is how our story begins.

This is Pam, jeweler extradionaire.

And Kriste, my walking buddy.

Pam completely designs and hand makes each of her treasures. Pam scours any flea market or antique store for vintage paper to be used in her signs. Pam has expanded her line to include wine collars, bracelets, ornaments and old bottles. Pam's line can be found in many stores around the country. You can follow Pam through her blog, Up in the Attic

Love this new design!


  1. Ok, LOVE the page, LOVE the jewelry, and L-O-V-E all you AMAZING women! Judy, Pam & Ms Kriste (VVB!!!)...keep up the great work!

  2. Hurray! I am so excited for this Spring's show. Pam has been busy this winter up in Idaho and has come up with many beautiful new creations. She should be motoring into town here in the next few days, complete with her mobile workshop, which will give us plenty of time to plan our display for the show. See you all there!