Friday, April 2, 2010

Cobblestone Antiques

There is me shopping in Kerry's booth at Alameda.

I have been shopping at Alameda for around 5 years now and I find the best vendors there. I remember coming up to Kerry's booth and really liking her style. Of course, I ask her to participate in my next upcoming show and she always, very graciously, maybe, which to me says no. So, I gave up. A girl can only take a no so many times. After Christmas, Stephen and I were shopping up there again and ran into Kerry. I's a new year, why not. "Kerry...would you and your husband like to participate in my April show?" "I think that would be very nice, yes, we would." Kerry said YES! Yippee! So, I am excited to say that Cobblestone Antiques will be at the show. A little information on Kerry...she comes from a long line of recyclers. Her grandmother was always at a white elephant sale or garage sale. In fact, Kerry told me that her very first home in the 60's was entirely furnished from yard sales which was not trendy then. Kerry and her husband, Bill, have been hunting treasures up and down the coast for over 20 years. She has a very eclectic style that is imaginative and quirky but elegant. So let's give a big hand of applause to Kerry and Bill when you see them.

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