Monday, April 12, 2010

Patty Kodenko

I met Patty around five years ago at Santa Monica Flea Market. I was in her booth and just was entranced by the amount of original art, beautifully framed and reasonable. Needless to say, I bought just about every painting she had. When I decided to do this show, I invited Patty. She was hesitant but agreed to do it. I only had about 15 vendors then and she was one of the vendors on the grass. It had been a beautiful summer and wouldn't you know it, we would have a freak rain storm at the beginning of October the night before my show. Patty was so nervous and trying to decide if she should just pack up and go home. I convinced her to stay and she has been a part of Remnants ever since. Patty has an amazing eye and a sense of style and a wonderful presence about her. Her finds are one of a kind and creative and so is Patty. I can't wait for you to meet her so please visit her in the Barn.

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