Friday, May 14, 2010

Remnants of the Past Vintage Show Part 3

Going through all these pictures has been quite emotional for me. Starting this show three years ago, I never thought it would grow to this point. Having the support of the vendors, whom many have been with me since my first show, my family and friends has been key in having this show succeed. Right now I am working on my October show and I cannot wait to share who my special guest will be. She is a very talented woman but I cannot tell you anymore because then it wouldn't be a secret. Stay tuned. Now, I am off and running helping my daughter plan her wedding in September. It is so exciting! I will share some of the details soon.

3 Fine Grains booth. These pillows are gorgeous!

This darling little girls looks like she just wants to take off shopping!

Here is Amy from Amy Bakes Cupcakes. Her cupcakes are sinful they are so good.

Lisa from Blue Canoe Reloaded. Tim and Lisa are amazingly talented. Their booth was so creative!


Mark and Lorraine's booth. Absolutely beautiful! Their booth is always sought after.

The Tattered House booth. I couldn't get into this booth because it always had so many people in it!

Antiques from Memory Lane

Marilyn and Georgeann having a great time.

Georgeann's Antiques


  1. I adore Tim & Lisa!!!!
    They are tops in my book.
    They haven't been to The Alameda Point in a while and I miss them terribly.
    I'm coming in October for sure!
    How do you become a vendor?

  2. These photos really make me wish I could have attended.

  3. What a fabulous show, with some fabulous dealers! I see Tim and Lisa when they are shopping in Texas! They buy some great stuff!