Thursday, May 20, 2010

There is going to be a Wedding...

About two and half years ago, a wonderful man, Tim, came into my daughter's life. Devon was 26 years old and watching her friends get married and being a bridesmaid in many of their weddings. She had just started a new life in Santa Barbara, new job and at that time being in a relationship was the last thing on her mind. God had something else in mind. What I love about Tim is that he courted Devon in the old fashioned way. Taking her to coffee at first, long talks and getting to know each other, hikes, spending time with her friends and she with his. Then last year, we met his great parents Wayne and Nancy and his brother, David. You can always know how a man is going to treat your daughter when you see how they treat their Mother. On December 29th, 2009, I received a phone call from Tim wondering what Stephen and I were doing for the evening. He said I would like to take you out to dinner and I said okay. Stephen comes home and says what's for dinner? I told him that Tim was taking us out and he gave me this look and said, "We just saw Tim for Christmas and why would he drive all the way up here to take us out?" I gave him the look and said, "I think he is going to ask for Devon's hand in marriage." You should have seen his face. Priceless! Tim came up and asked for our daughter's hand in marriage. Of course, we said yes! It helped when he was bringing out a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, my favorite champagne, to celebrate. Tim decided to propose to Devon the day before her birthday. Tim took pictures and then he secretly hit video to record their special moment. Here it is...

So now we are in the midst of wedding planning. We have the location, the photographer, the food, the dress. Devon has a blog to follow her progress plus she is the fashion queen. The problem is that I haven't worn a dress in a zillion years and do not know what to pick. I am not a shopper and to go around from store to store is not my cup of tea. Right now, I have ordered two dresses from J Crew and I am still unsure. Any ideas?


  1. either one - you would look smashing in a burlap sack! love and congratulations to the whole entire fam. love you!

  2. The second photo is very nice. Simple and classic. Don't buy something that wears you buy something that you wear if that makes any sense. Now get yourself some fancy shoes and a little handbag.

  3. Need more details. Is it a day or night wedding?
    What month is it in? Reception in doors or out?
    I love the first dress especailly the color.