Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wedding Tears

Can anyone recommend a real tear jerker of a movie that I can watch? I need to get some major sobbing over and done with! It seems like every step of my daughter's wedding is reducing me to a soggy mess. This past weekend, my daughter came up for Father's Day and also to go over the details of the wedding. We went to the Barn to make our lists. As we walked around, I was looking at the grass where Devon will be walking down with her Dad and the tears start flowing. Next on our list a fitting for the boys for their suits. My son, Ryan, is a handsome dude but when I saw him in his very first suit, I lost it again. I have never seen him dressed in anything other that a t-shirt, jeans and tennies.

When will this stop! I might as well stitch hankies under my lashes. What a wonderful look that would be. My sister told me last night that she would have her repair kit with her every step of the way and not to worry. I guess that is some consolation. The invitations are out, I am planning Devon's shower and I can't believe it is in TWO months. My baby is getting married...


  1. enjoy every minute of this - your family is BEAUTIUL!

  2. My parents and I watched "Father of the Bride" together before I got married....we laughed and cried during the whole movie. It really helped getting out all of those pre-jitters and emotions!
    All of the pre-wedding rituals are such precious memories....enjoy them! I agree with above - your family is gorgeous!

  3. tears! They are happy tears - love tears! Think of it as if your won't be bothered by menopausal dry eye syndrome! Go buy some beautiful vintage hankies and keep them with you - Kleenex is so not pretty!
    Inhale each and every have been praying for this for so long

  4. Welllllll.... since I've been where you are a few times now ;0) I'll suggest Father of the Bride (version with Steve Martin), because I STILL cry about my girls' weddings when I see it!

    I agree with Dianne, tho - these are happy tears. Let yourself cry and laugh and be in the present moment!

    Deb @ Retreat

  5. I am lovin' every moment but then I get a flash back of Devon riding her bike with pink streamers and I cannot believe the time has flown like it has.

  6. What great pictures of your beautiful family! My favorite; the brother and sister shot :) So, as for movies, I have The Horse Whisperer and Mr. Holland's Opus that Shannon gave me for Mother's Day and they both wiped me out! You're welcome to borrow anytime, freind!

  7. I tend to lean towards comedies to make me cry (just balled at Toy Story 3 knowing the kids will grow up and go to college soon)...I agree with the prior recommendations but what about Father of the Bride with Spencer Tracy and Liz Taylor, and Steel Magnolias which centers around women pulling together for the wedding!!! It will remind you that all of your friends are with you here in spirit!!! Sandy - The Tattered House.