Monday, October 18, 2010

Slave Labor

Giving my show is a family affair. I do pay my son to smile his $5000 pearly whites at the ladies but my poor husband never gets to leave the parking lot. He is busy directing crazy women into parking spaces when all they want to do is get into the show to SHOP before everything is gone. He always does it with a smile and is gracious to everyone. I was trying to think of something that I could do for him and decided to take him to my friend's bed and breakfast called The Boat House. Of course, I also had an alternative reason. My friend, Sandy, had remodeled her cape cod house in Cambria and I haven't seen it for a couple of years. I could hardly wait to go see it.

If you have never driven the Hwy. 1 coastline in California, it is a must to put on your to do list. We started out in the afternoon and arrived in Cambria. Had to stop by my favorite store, Birds of a Feather. Bonnie is semi-retiring and I knew that I would find something that I couldn't do without. I found some linen hand towels and napkins. I was recently at a show in Santa Barbara. I was in this wonderful French booth where they had hand dyed linen sheets in these incredible colors of eggplant, brown, olive and burgundy. They were stunning! I couldn't afford to buy a linen sheet but thought I could try this with linen napkins. I will let you know how they come out. We then headed out for a late lunch at Robins. Another wonderful place and I had my favorite, Salmon Bisque. Then, we headed to The Boat House. Sandy has paid such attention to every detail from check-in to just entering the gate was a visual treat.

Entrance to check-in

Entrance to our little cottage for the night...
Walking down the path to our cottage...

The Boat House

Looking out on our patio...

Reading area...

Coffee station...

The Boat House was such a restful space and I felt like I was transported to a mountain retreat by the ocean. Thank you Sandy!


  1. It's darling. Who wouldn't enjoy staying there.

  2. What a great idea. So often we fail to see wonderful opportunities are available right in our own backyards, thinking what we desire and need is the more exotic and interesting farther afield ... this looks so homey and comfortable ... perfect for a short getaway! Miss you! Monica

  3. Judy, your son is one of the reasons we had such happy customers at the show... he made more than six visits into our booth to assist in the moving & loading of large items (since Bob was out of commission), and at the end of the show he helped us move the huge white bench into a safe location for pickup the next day by the buyers. I thanked him profusely, but I really don't think he 'GOT' how very grateful we are for his help & hard work. We really do appreciate all of the details you take care of at your show!

  4. What a great family you have, Judy! And to thank your hubby with a visit to Cambria is a wonderful way to celebrate and show gratitude :)