Monday, February 14, 2011

Turning Twenty-One

My son, Ryan, turned twenty-one this past week. Ryan is one of those boys that is very humble and sensitive. When asked what he would like to do or want for this big milestone birthday, he says "Oh nothing Mom. I have everything I could possibly want." My husband and I couldn't let this birthday go by without something special. But we couldn't think of anything. One morning, I woke up with a memory. My husband was on a back packing trip and Ryan and I were going to get to spend some one on one time. Ryan was around eight or nine years old. They were having an airshow at the airport and Ryan was into planes at the time so it was perfect. We climbed through all the military planes and he had a blast. Then we saw this line forming for people to go up in a little four seater plane. I feel a tug on my hand and look down and Ryan is saying, "Mama, I want to go up in the plane." Fear gripped me. I am thinking it is such a little plane, Stephen is not here and what if the plane crashes. But after looking at his little face, I thought, how can I not do this. So off we go. I am hunkered down in the back praying like crazy and Ryan is glued to the window. He LOVED it. So, I tell my husband, "Let's give Ryan his first flying lesson for his 21st birthday." I made a gift certificate and put it into a card and watched Ryan's face. If he wasn't excited then we would do something else. He opened the card and his face lit up. Score!!! So here is Ryan's first flying day...

I think Ryan liked his gift....


  1. You get the great and BRAVE Mama award! xo Lidy

  2. I agree. but his face is totally worth it. what a mama won't do for that face.

  3. i love this - giving the desire of a son's heart. what can be better? :o)