Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Country Living

First, I started receiving emails from people I didn't know saying how wonderful the article is and that they could hardly wait to come visit the show. I am thinking... where is my copy??? I would run to the mail box and nothing... One of the readers said that she had just found a copy at the grocery store. That's it! I jumped into the car and headed up to the grocery store and there it was. The show, my favorite local deli and my favorite B & B. I started getting calls from my vendors and they were so excited to see pictures of each other. Congratulations to an amazing group of vendors, to Petit Soleil and De Paulo & Sons.

Forty-five more days but who is counting...


  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful show you have and I am determined to come see it for myself, I have heard so many people say it's just amazing! Christie

  2. my birthday is april 23. methinks attending this show would be a lovely birthday celebration .. to me. :o)
    hoping to work that all out.

  3. Congrats Judy! It was so lovely seeing "our area" (and of course your show!) in Country Living :) I love how they presented everything....
    and yay for Petit Soleil too!!

  4. Congratulations on this article in such a scrumptious magazine!! I'm running out today to find me a copy! And yes, I'm counting the days, Judy...