Thursday, March 17, 2011

Emilie's Papers

I met Emily of Emilie's Papers, when I had my store and would bump into her at several tag sales. Emily participated in my very first show in October of 2007. I am surprised that she even came back. That was the year that it rained the night before the show and her booth definitely was damp. I begged her to come back about a year and half ago and not only was I happy that she did but you will be, too. Emily is set up in the Barn and you will not be able to resist her booth. It is full of vintage finds and all her paper creations. Have fun!


  1. Do the adorable doggies come with the scrumptious crowns?!?!?

  2. She does amazing work with vintage paper. Not to mention her banner was featured in the very 1st Flea Market Style Mag!!

  3. I miss Emilie! She was my Very first student taking the soldering class. Her and her mamma made me feel comfortable. I can't believe it, it's been almost 3 years or more? We spoke recently and she loves your show. Her work is amazing. Ciao Rita mammabellarte