Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Colleen Faber

I would like for you to meet Colleen Faber. I met Colleen at a flea market and I distinctly remember walking by her booth at a flea market and glancing by and thinking good booth but kept on walking then stopped and took three steps backwards and took a second look . What I saw was such creativeness using vintage goods and mixing the unexpected and turning them into one of a kind pieces for your home. I bought some things and then walked on. The next flea there was Colleen again with completely different items but all hand made and with her creative mark. Okay I thought, she needs to be a part of the show. I am happy to say that Colleen will be back for the Spring show. You need to rush to her booth because her one of a kind treasures do not last long!


  1. Hi Judy,
    Thanks for giving us a flavor of all your wonderful participants in the Remnants Show. You might want to add the date of the show on your banner. You have April, but not the date. I've sent several people to your blog and they haven't been able to find the date.
    Can't wait till the 30th!

  2. Colleen is a creative genius. She reuses things like nobody's business, I simply can't wait to see what she does!

  3. Dear Judy,
    You are sweet to give us such a warm introduction and welcome. We are so, looking forward to the event and hope to meet some of the other members of this family of choice that you've assembled. We are presently getting ready for our container sale and I've already set aside some special items for Remnants of the Past. Can't wait!

    Trinidad, Johan and Martin