Friday, April 29, 2011

Count Down For Remnants of the Past

Don't let this little guy's expression fool you... Gus is really excited to see you on Saturday. Love this little guy. Gus supervises everything at the Barn from the unloading, making sure the vendors are putting out their best treasures to hosting the Friday night dinner.

My son, Ryan, Justin and Jake will greet you at the entrance.

I have the best crew of helpers! I love that my family and friends are so willing to help with Remnants.

And if it wasn't for this young man...

and my wonderful hubbie...

for supporting their crazy wife and Mom during this time, I couldn't pull this off. Love these two boys!


  1. It's incredible what we can do with the support and help of our men (families.) I have an incredible support system also when I tackle functions. We are blessed!!!

  2. I love your Little Gus. I had his twin brother, Jack. Unfortunately, someone entered our privacy fenced yard and took Jack for themselves. Thanks for the sweet face memory.

  3. Judy...arrived home safely! Just wanted to thank you!!!!!!! Had a wonderful "vacation" and show! Loved meeting your husband this time....You are RIGHT we are blessed to have these wonderful men in our lives! xo girl sending hugs your way....Thank you very much for all you do!!! xoxoxokathee