Monday, April 4, 2011

The Tattered House

Erika and Sandy from The Tattered House.

I met Erika and Sandy at my favorite flea market. I LOVE these two girls. As busy as these two are, they will always take time out to find out how you are and your family. I love that about them. The Girls have been at Remnants going on two years and they are such a wonderful addition to the show. I love how creative they are and I never leave their booth without something that I cannot live without. Not only do these girls run and store but they also put on a show called the Roseville Antique Market. They have a show coming up in two weeks, so put it on your calendars.


  1. I adore these gals!!!
    What a beautiful photo of the 2 of them!
    I'm going to go to their show... can't wait!
    Will I see you there?

  2. There booth is so fabulous...always a treat for the eyes!

  3. I'm so excited to finally spend some time with these girls!

  4. The MOST fabulous girls going...and fun. Love you guys.