Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Urban Farmhouse

I met Michele and Lisa at a flea market. Another one of those booths that just stops you in your tracks. I started talking to them and I could just tell that they were kind and they had amazing style. I invited them around two years ago and they debuted at my April Show with much applause.

The women just flocked to their booth and by the end of the day, Michele and Lisa were grinning from ear to ear. They were a hit! Sooooo....

Welcome back Michele and Lisa!
Michele and Lisa have a store in downtown Salinas called Urban Farm so be sure to stop if you are from up north.


  1. A wonderful place in Old Town Salinas, Urban Farmhouse. Treasures from all around are displayed beautifully in their store. Michele and Lisa are classy ladies with a strong passion for bringing high quality items with reasonable prices to their customers. I am proud to be their business neighbor.
    Terri M

  2. Oh...sweet. I want to visit their shop someday.