Monday, September 26, 2011

A Beautiful Mess

I met Kymberley through the wonderful world of blogging. It took a little bit of convincing to have her commit to the show but it did not take long before her booth was the darling of the show. Kymberley has an amazing talent of display besides the fact that you are dying to have every item in it. Kymberley has a real love for old German grain sacks and creates not only pillows out of them but is always coming up with creative ideas to use them. With her ability to mix the fabrics with incredible antiques, I just never want to leave. I love that her whole family is involved. Sometimes it can be a stressful time setting up your booth because you want everything to be perfect but Kymberely has an ace in her hand....her husband Geoff. He keeps Kymberley laughing along with the rest of us! Thank you Kym for your sweet presence and Geoff for keeping us sane.

Please welcome Kymberely!


  1. Some of the best EYE Candy EVER!! I too love Kym and Geoff! Geoff has amazing talent for keeping us all sane...Charley and I look forward to laughing with them!!
    Thank you Kym for introducing me to Judy and Remnants...xokathee

  2. I love Kymberley and her family is very sweet. Kymberley is also My connection to Judy and Remnants of the Past. Terry