Thursday, September 8, 2011

Patty Kodenko

I used to buy from Patty for many years until I convinced her to join Remnants. That was not an easy task as Patty was one of the first vendors when I started the show in 2007. Luck would have it that it rained the night before and Patty just wanted to pack up and leave before the show. But I convinced her to stay. Now, Patty is one of my biggest supporters and a friend and I am very grateful for her support. Patty has incredible taste and you will see when you try to get into her booth at the show. It is usually the first stop for many women. This show, she has increased the size of her booth and I can hardly wait to see what she has collected for the show. You will love her style but more than anything you will love her.

Please welcome Patty!


  1. Patty always has an encouraging word. Terry

  2. ONE OF MY FAV'S!!!! Charley and I love Patty! Good news our booths are back to back! We are going to have a great show together!!