Monday, October 3, 2011

Blue Canoe Reloaded

The talent of the vendors that present at Remnants never ceases to take my breath away. Tim and Lisa of Blue Canoe Reloaded are no exception. I've known Tim and Lisa for many years and they are one of those couples that their talent takes my breath away. So you could imagine my delight when they accepted my invitation to be a part of Remnants. Would I absolutely adore about Tim is is boyish enthusiasm for what he loves to do and Lisa with her calmness as she creates the incredible finds that you will find in their booth. On top of all of this talent, they are one of the kindness and gracious couples you will ever meet.
Please welcome Tim and Lisa!


  1. Just a few more days....can't wait!

  2. LOVE TIM AND LISA!! I Can't wait to see what they bring and I'm thrilled we get to be neighbors! xokathee