Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweet Friends and Sweet Farmhouse

I met Linda many years ago in San Luis Obispo where she owned a darling shop. Linda also lived downtown in the most amazing apartment. When I saw her home, I felt such a connection from the old woods, wonderful linens and the sense that this was a well loved home. Time passed, and my husband and I had the chance to stay with Linda and her very talented husband Ludmil in Washington about 6 years ago. I will never forget driving up to this wonderful old house and walking through the doors. Wood burning fireplaces in each room, linen, old marble and Ludmil's creations scattered throughout their home. I just wanted to set up camp right then and there and never leave! Since then Linda and Ludmil have moved to Texas and have re-created another beautiful haven there. They have set up shop and participated in the much anticipated and attended Marburger Antique Show. Linda and Ludmil create wonderful items for your home and your soul.

About a month ago, Linda and Ludmil were traveling through California and I had coffee with them. They expressed how they miss California and want to move back. They will miss Texas and especially their home there. As you can guess, it is amazing and guess what? It is for sale! Here are some photos and yes, you will die when you see how beautiful their home is. This property has 5 buildings on it. A charming house with store front/showroom, large workshop, potting shed, enclosed garden and the best is only 10 miles from Round Top. Please contact:

Pat Booth
Coldwell Banker Heart of the Hills


  1. This house is just lovely - isn't it wonderful that each time people as talented and Linda and Ludmil move, they leave behind a heritage of beauty?

  2. What a dream to own these little nests they have planted. I have always admired them!!!! Thanks for sharing this Judy... Lots of luck l and l.