Monday, April 9, 2012

Robin Kaplan Designs

Robin Kaplan Designs

Since I started the show, I love all aspects of art whether it be for the home, personally or in fashion. I try to incorporate artists of all kinds into the show. For the past couple of years, I wanted to bring in clothing and just not any clothing but clothing that makes you want to touch, imagine and dream wearing. I have been an admirer of this woman when I first saw my friend, Judi, wearing a top of hers. I wanted it so bad but she was sold out. I invited her to participate in my show but the timing was never right and I let it go. Well, I was in one of my favorite stores sharing my dream with the ladies at Ruby Rose and Stephanie says well I know so and so who knows her. She called and before I knew it I was making the call and waiting with anticipation if she would accept my invitation and she did!

Please welcome Robin Kaplan of Robin Kaplan Designs. I just spent the afternoon in her studio totally amazed at her talent. Robin painstakingly hand dyes all of her fabrics to get the beautiful colors that her clothing is made from and then creates the designs that are romantic, unusual and beautiful.

Robin Kaplan Designs

Robin Kaplan Design

You feel like a princess when you try on one of her outfits. Not only will you be captivated by her clothing but by Robin herself. Stop by her booth and be awestruck...

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