Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chalk Farm


I admit it! I have stalked Jennifer from Chalk Farm for a couple of years now. I have loved reading her blog and following her as she discovered her style. I love how Jennifer has a passion for what she loves and her passion for her family. When Jennifer moved to the West Coast, I started thinking....maybe she would consider becoming a vendor at Remnants. I wrote her and to my surprise she said YES! I am excited to have Jennifer be a part of Remnants so please welcome Jennifer of Chalk Farm!




  1. I love seeing your vendors, but I would also like to visit their blogs or web pages. Is there a way to put a link in your posts for that? Thanks.

  2. Not only does this Jennifer have great style, but she is beautiful!

    here you go, Helen. I think it was just a bad link :)

    I look forward to seeing Jennifers booth too! This image is one of my first pins on Pinterest!