Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pinks and Peonies


I've known Mark and Debi for over 15 years. They were faithful customers from my store that would come from Porterville often. When I started having the show at the Barn, they would be there with bells on. I found through Mark that he had a large warehouse FILLED to the brim with Debi's shopping trips. He said to me one time, " I would love if we could sell at your show because I would love to empty my warehouse." I kinda chuckled to myself on that one because a true treasure hunter, like Debi, is never through shopping but I let him dream. Debi has been at the show for two years now and I cannot imagine the show without her. Sorry Mark, your garage will never be empty...
Please welcome Debi of Pinks and Peonies!

Pinks and Peonies 441

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