Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jennifer Carroll of Celebrating Everyday Life Magazine

One day, I was visiting Susan Branch's blog and read the article that Jennifer Carroll of Celebrating Everyday Life, wrote about her.  I started researching this amazing online magazine and felt an immediate connection to Jennifer.  I reached out to her and we became fast friends.  Even though there is quite an age difference, we had so much in common.  Jennifer is a mom, blogger, designer, stylist and an enthusiastic home entertainer.  She loves to cook, decorate and has a desire to make the most of life's everyday moments. An immediate bond was created and we started sharing ideas, victories, challenges and then back to the blessings we both have experienced.  So a long story short, Jennifer was kind enough to include Remnants in her May/June issue of Celebrating Everyday Life.

Here is a flip book to intrigue you.  You will not be able to resist having this magazine among your favorites!  You can buy your issue here.

Enjoy your day!



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