Monday, April 6, 2015

Girlfriend Times at Remnants of the Past

Nothing warms my heart more is when I go outside to greet the customers so faithfully waiting in line for Remnants to start.  There is always a buzz of excitement between the ladies of what goodies they will find when the doors open.  This is my time to chat with everyone and also to give them a chance to have their picture taken with the crown that is passed down the line.  This sentimental crown was made from bits of costume jewelry that I found in my Mother's home after she had passed.

The customers come from all over the country and I am so grateful for their loyalty to Remnants of the Past!  During the show, I love walking down the aisles and listening to the conversations of the customers.  One of the common threads of conversations is I noticed is that friends are meeting at the show, mothers and daughters spending bonding time together doing what they love and new friendships being cemented out of a mutual love of treasure hunting.  This is the best part!  Out of this observation, I decided to create a "Girlfriend's Ticket Package."  You and three girlfriends can come and enjoy Remnants with our discounted ticket package. Four tickets for $50 ($60 value).  Tickets will be available online until April 20th.  Be sure to buy your tickets soon and spend less time waiting in line and more time treasure hunting!

See you soon!



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