Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Special Afternoon at Patina Farm

One afternoon, I picked up my mail and there was this thick envelope and inside was a beautifully engraved invitation.  I couldn't believe it!

Brooke and Steve Giannetti and Veranda Magazine invite you to celebrate the publication of the their new book Patina Farm.
Please join us for an afternoon at Patina Farm.

I first started following Brooke and Steve when I discovered Brooke's blog Velvet and Linen.  Loved watching her projects and the changes to her home in Santa Monica.  

I invited Brooke and Steve to do a book signing of their first book, Patina Style, at Remnants in 2011.  The customers loved Brooke and Steve and their book!  When Brooke posted that they had purchased this property in Ojai to build their forever home, I could hardly wait to see the design process unfold. Beautiful pictures from start to finish!  To receive this invitation was such an honor, I could hardly wait for the day to arrive.

First the drive up to Ojai is beautiful! Driving up the road to their home was breath taking.  White roses everywhere, the crunch of gravel beneath my feet, worn patina and a view from every window.

What delighted me the most was the feeling of intimacy and serenity.  Each room was thought out from the way their family would live and how Steve and Brooke would entertain their family and guests.  Patina Farm reflects their design aesthetics from the old beams, texture to the walls, attention to the vintage details throughout the home and how the inside of Patina Farm relates to the beauty of their land.

View to the guest house.


Looking back to kitchen.

View to the guest house.


Looking back to kitchen.

The serenity of Patina Farm...

Patina Farm is definitely a forever home reflecting the importance of their family, their friends and the need to relate to the beautiful outdoors.

I will never forget that afternoon.

Thank you Brooke and Steve!

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