Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Garage Sales

Rain, rain, and more rain...My husband and I were to go to Alameda this past weekend to go to my favorite flea market. But it is raining!! So...next best thing...garage sales. I grab my craigs list, stop and get a latte and off I go. The first four on my list and find nothing. It is funny though when you are going to garage sales is that you follow the same bunch of people and see how sly you can be in getting to the house first. Finally the last house. I am a little early and they haven't opened. I am sitting there contemplating if I will find the treasure when I see a familar car go whizzing by me. What! I am sitting in front of the wrong house. I go racing up the country road and take the corner on two wheels, so much for being sly, and race up the drive. I look up the drive and I couldn't believe my eyes. I nonchalantly walk up to these amazing urns and put my hand on them to inquire and a woman says, "I just bought those!" Okay... "And those, too." Now, I am getting frustrated. I walk a little further and find some goodies. "The woman" didn't see these behind a dresser. Score!!! Here is what I found.

Blog pics 037 

I love this red watering can! The rusty urn is awesome and my favorite is the wireware store display.

I left a happy lady and decided to take the back way home to treat myself to the beautiful countryside after a rain.

Blog pics 031  Blog pics 030

I love seeing the yellow mustard growing between the grapevines. My husband, the walking horticulture encyclopedia, tells me that the mustard is a natural fertilizer.

Blog pics 034 

A finale to a wonderful Saturday morning.


  1. what fabulous finds! the scenery is absolutely gorgeous! I found your blog via Pam Small and I'm really hoping that I can get to your April show Judy!

  2. Don't you just love the benefits from all this rain?! Looks like a lovely outing.