Friday, February 20, 2009


I have lived in the same house for over twenty years in a small beach town on the Central Coast of California. I have developed some wonderful friendships with neighbors. We have watched our children grow up together and have sent them off to college. We are officially empty nesters. What are we going to do now? I cannot think of one thing...Yippee! Let's have a party. My neighborhood friends now get together every Friday night  go out to a casual dinner and get caught up on our week and have a giggle or two. It has been a lot of fun getting to know these neighbors without kids. Well, if you haven't is a little expensive to go out to dinner every week. We now share a potluck dinner alternating between the houses. It actually has been a lot of fun. More relaxing then going out to dinner and we can walk home. This is my Friday. I have even let up a bit and have not scrubbed every corner of my house. It's true...wisdom comes with age.

Blog pics 026    The table...

Blog pics 027   The essense of Spring...Don't you love that watering can!

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  1. Early this morning I chose an old magazine from my stash to accompany my 1st cup of coffee. While flipping through the pages I was tickled to see the write-up of you and your passion, like visiting an old friend (not old old as in age..old as in comfortable and cozy). So finally I log on to your website then to your blog and oh golly I'm transported and blessed. Thank you. :o)