Monday, March 30, 2009

Mom Time

You know how you get so busy with your  life that you never take the time to spend time with the kids, especially when they have moved out of the house and pretty much are doing their own thing. Well this weekend, I decided to go down to the Ventura Flea Market because I need more stuff for my upcoming show. I casually asked my son, Ryan, would you like to go down with me. Mind you...he is 19 and has plenty of other things he would like to do. Ryan says, "Sure!" I tried not to let my jaw drop. We headed down to Santa Barbara where my daughter, Devon lives and met her at this wonderful Mexican restaurant called Carlitos. It was a balmy night and they were playing kinda of a Latin Jazz music and I was in heaven with my two kids. Went to bed early so that I could be at the flea market when they opened. Left the kids bundled up and snoozing away. It was a disappointment...I walked for three hours and only found 4 items. But I did get to catch up with some friends and lament on how we couldn't find anything. Met Devon and Ryan at a coffee house and watched them play Phase 10. Then they surprised me and took me out to breakfast. We wandered around downtown and took Ryan to Anthropologie so that he could see the new location. I don't know if I have shared, but Devon is Anthro's visual manager for apparel. Lucky Me! It was a wonderful weekend!

Garage sale 050 

My chauffeur 

Garage sale 054 

At Carlitos

Garage sale 057 

She's a mean card player

Garage sale 060 

Look how cute these fabric fruit are at Anthro

 Garage sale 062

Garage sale 063

Are these floors amazing?

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  1. Judy;
    Your blog and picts are beautiful! Jenny did a beautiful job on my blog too! Check it out: I am looking forward to your April Show!
    Patti Erwin