Monday, April 6, 2009

The City

 Finally!!! I get to go to a flea market. Alameda has been rained out. So, all of us treasure seakers have been waiting and praying that it wouldn't rain this weekend. I love when my birthday falls on a weekend of a flea market. I get to do what I want. Yippee!!! Stephen and I head up north and arrive in Alameda on Saturday. We always stop at our favorite little cafe, The Hobnob. We always have a little appetizer and a martini.

Garage sale 093


Oops...Looks like I have had a little to much. A little blurry.






Garage sale 094 

This is the view from our hotel room with Oakland in the background.

We get up very early and are at the flea market with the whole world there it seems like. I try something new and start at the back of the flea market because usually everyone in the front is not unpacked. I start to panic...Oh no! The dealers are not unpacked in the back either. I look in panic at my husband and say "We have to hurry back to the front!" "I'm missing out in all the good stuff!" My husband has the patience of Job. We hurry up to the front and I start to get my bearings.

Garage sale 104 

I love the pinkie red grape gathering basket and the large clock.

Garage sale 107 

Look at these! They would make a great coffee table with glass on top.

Garage sale 110 

These old setzer bottles from Europe. Two girls from Holland brought a container over. I bought great stuff from them.

Garage sale 120 

This is William's booth. He always has great bamboo mirrors. Love the texture of this arrangement.

Garage sale 108 

San Francisco in the background. It was a beautiful day.

I am happy and content now...

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  1. I was at Alameda the same day and also put photos on my blog! We both took a picture of the same clock! How funny!
    Here's a link to mine: