Sunday, April 12, 2009

Morning Walks...

Morning walks….


I met Kriste about 22 years ago. We found out that we go to the same church and became fast friends. About 10 years ago, we both were wanting to get into shape and decided to start power walking together. I finally found someone that was willing to go out at

5:30 am

! It is great time of the day especially right now. We walk along the coastline smelling the fresh ocean air andevery once in  a while we get a wiff of night blooming jasmine. Picture below... We solve the world’s problems during this time, of course. Really Kriste is such a dear friend of mine that I can share anything. Kriste keeps me accountable with her usual grace and kindness. We have recently started lifting weights together. I know I wouldn’t follow through with our workout if I was doing it alone. Thank you Kriste! In our many conversations in the morning, we decided that we should meet for dinner. When we met that evening, we cracked up. We hardly recognized each other.  The only time we see each other is first thing in the morning with our hair sticking up, no makeup and our sweats on. I think that we cleaned up pretty good.

Kriste, charlie easter 134

Kriste, charlie easter 138


  1. You are blessed to have such a sweet and true friend!

  2. You are both beautiful! I know what you mean about the early morning look - quite different, and aren't we glad, from how we look when we put on some make up and some other clothes!I have an early morning walking friend, too - great post!

  3. It's wonderful that you have a friend who knows you so well. It's even better that you keep each other in check as only a good girlfriend can. I'd say you're a lucky girl!

  4. I LOVE this picture of you girls - what
    gorgeous creatures you both are!