Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Special Treasure...

I was cleaning out a cupboard the other day and came across a box that I haven’t look at in years. When I first opened my store 12 years ago, I had this charming little older woman come into the store with a box with individually tissue wrapped little treasures. In each carefully wrapped treasure was a milk glass egg that had been hand-painted. They varied in size from eggs that were a few inches long to about the size that I show here . Of course, I picked my favorite before I could bear to sell them. I had carefully packed it away until yesterday. What timing. I think that this embodies today…when Jesus was resurrected from the grave. I can only think with tears in my eyes, the special hands that had painted this with such love.


Kriste, charlie easter 140

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  1. Hi Judy,
    As luck would have it I have stumbled apon you. You were over to my house buying many years ago with Eileen, not sure if you remember? however I thought I would say "hello again". Take care,