Monday, August 3, 2009

I Blog for Bliss

I started blogging a short time ago. My show, Remnants of the Past, was featured in a magazine and I had a reader call me and say that she was an avid reader of blogs. I have never spent much time reading blogs. Boy! I was in for a treat! I love it! It is part of my morning routine to catch up on what women are doing and how creative they are. A dear friend of mine Eileen Paulin, Red Lips 4 Courage, called me and said that she was producing this book called Blogging for Bliss. I was intrigued and said I would love to participate. It is so cathartic writing about daily or weekly musings. Please go to, Artsy Mama,  who is putting on a fabulous Blogging for Bliss Party today!   


  1. Thanks for playing along today.
    Cheers to blogging!!

  2. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog through the Blog for Bliss party. I particularly enjoyed your holiday photos from Hawaii as me and my husband have booked our dream holiday to the Hawaiian Islands but, we still have 8 months to wait before we go!

  3. Love your blog, the blogging for bliss party sure was fun! Hope you will have a stellar holiday weekend, filled with lots of treasure finding.
    xo Lidy