Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Accept this award and I want to thank...

I am so honored to have received this award. I am so new to this land of blogging and you always wonder if anyone ever reads what you post. I want to thank Janet for giving me this award. I will do my best on answering honestly. Here are the rules of the game.




First, say thank you to the presenter of the award and link to them


Second, share ten honest things about yourself


Third, Present the award to seven other people whose blogs you think our wonderful in content/and or design.


Tell these people that they have received the Honest Scrap Award.


Here we go...


1.  I, too, am a very shy person. I am an observer but force myself out into situations to challenge myself.


2.  I profess to be neat and organized but I am totally the opposite. I dream of order and sometimes it happens but it is something that doesn't come naturally.


3.  I hoard magazines and hide actually how much I spend on them  from my husband. I tell him that it is a business expense.


4. I hide stashes of chocolate around the house from my family. Did I say wine, also...


5.  We have pets and I like them but do not like them in the house.


6.  I tell my husband that I like the house just the way it is but I am dying to redecorate!


7.  I don't want my son to ever move out... He is so much fun!


8.  I hate ironing. My Mom forced me to iron all my Dad's hankies and t-shirts. Who irons these things!


9.  I love flea markets. I love the thrill of the hunt and to see how creative people can be.


10. I love the Lord


Now, this is the easy part, sharing my favorite blogs.


Past Present Collection

I love Heather's style! Come see Heather at my October 10th show.


Lola B's

I love ready Kasey's daily musings. She cracks me up.


A Bushel and a Peck

I love Jeanne's honesty and sense of humor. 


Dana-Powers House

The perfect place for an event. Remnants of the Past will be there on the 10th of October.


Old Willow Farm

The best engraved pumpkins!


Wardrobe Chic

What can I say...It's my daughter's blog.  Love you Honey!


Up in the Attic

Love you Pammy!


Thank you! Thank you! It is my morning ritual with my cup of coffee to read all of your blogs. It is addicting and I love each and everyone of you. It is wonderful reading about your lives, your dreams, your passions and seeing you achieve them.





  1. Judy...
    you are to sweet...thank you!!!

  2. Thank you for the sweet award! I can't tell you how much it means to me that you come each morning to read what I have to write. Have a great weekend and I wish I could come to your show in October...maybe next year!

  3. I knew you hid chocolate, all these years you deprived me of sweets and in the meantime you were eating all of them! I am on to you now Mama! Thank you for the award you are just a tad bias!