Sunday, September 27, 2009

Junk Girls

I met Jenny of Junk Girls through a mutual friend. I saw pictures of her creations online and instantly was awed. This woman is talented! I heard her creations were being showcased at Georgia Moon. I quickly went down to the store and walked in and was enthralled on how Jenny showcases a vintage piece with such emotion. Jenny K is the artist designer part of Junk Girls. Jenny makes art, water features and furniture using found and recycled objects. Each of her pieces are one -of-a -kind and usually starts with a theme or metaphor. A piece needs to speak to Jenny before she begins. Each piece is about the character and the message and oftens says what people can't or don't know how to say. 

One of the things that Jenny does that speaks to my heart and passion is giving back to the world of social good.

With much pleasure, I introduce JennyK...




Cherish the journey_cropped


Heart of an airplane_cropped




Jenny's face 9-2-09 first choice bw_small


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