Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vintage Art and Charming Finds

Patti and I met at the Santa Monica Flea Market about fours years ago. Patti had the kind of booth that you did not want to leave. Everywhere you turned there were neat and unusual treasures. I invited Patti to participate at my very first show. The Barn was full so she was outside on the grass with just a few other vendors. She arrived on Friday to set up her booth. The day progressed and so did the weather. The forecast was for high clouds. looked like more than high clouds. Patti was so worried that it was going to rain. We left for the evening and fell into an exhausted sleep until the phone rang at 2:00 in the morning with the owner of the Barn telling me that the rain was collapsing the booths. Your worst nightmare. My husband and I rushed out and started working on getting the water off the tents. By morning, you would never had known that it had even poured it was so gorgeous. Patti had an awesome day. I am so happy that she has continued to participate after such a rocky start. Thank you Patti! Please stop by Patti's booth in the Barn. Her booth is a favorite amongst the customers!

































Love the chandelier!




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