Thursday, January 7, 2010


Since my daughter, Devon, was born, my husband and I have prayed for God to prepare a special man to be our daughter's husband. Well, New Years Day, it happened. His name is Tim. Last Tuesday, I picked up the phone to see that Tim was calling. Tim said, "What are you and Hawk, my husband's nickname, doing tonight?" I replied, "Stephen is cooking dinner tonight for me." Tim says, "I would like to take you and Stephen to dinner tonight." I thought, you were just here and it is nearly a two hour drive to our house. I said, "Great." Stephen comes home and I tell him that Tim is on his way to take us to dinner. Stephen replies, "Tim and Devon were just here. Why would he do that?" I give him the "duh" look and he says, "Do you think?" Tim arrived later and sure enough, he asked for Devon's hand in marriage.

Friday, Tim takes Devon to Big Sur, our favorite family place to go, and here is what happened... Get your kleenex.

Told you would need a tissue.

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