Thursday, March 4, 2010

Amy Bakes Cupcakes

Picture a little girl perched happily on a kitchen stool in front of a counter piled with bags of sugar and flour, cocoa, eggshells and batter-covered spoons. That should give you a pretty good image of the history of Amy Bakes Cupcakes.
Amy bakes and delivers a delectable array of cupcakes for any occasion Amy makes each batch by hand and to order. She uses quality ingredients including organic chocolate and as many locally sourced ingredients as she can. Many of her recipes are seasonal and based on the availability of the incredible fruit grown in San Luis Obispo County.
I tasted Amy’s cupcakes at my last show and I have to tell you..they are incredible! And who can resist Amy in pigtails and that great smile holding a beautiful tray of cupcakes.

My family and I have been eating at Woodstone Market and Deli for a few years now. I have always loved their fresh food and their friendly staff. One day, I finally went up to the manager, Joanne, and asked if they would like to provide the food for Remnants. Joanne, who you will love when you meet her, said of course. Since then, they have provided the most delectable array of food for every show that I give. Their wraps are the best!

I will be posting every day about each of the vendors to introduce you to them. Be sure to check back!

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