Tuesday, March 9, 2010

French Cottage Style

I met Pat and Harley at a little community antique show around 12 years ago. Pat, at the time, specialized in textiles. I bought this amazing brown velvet pillow with a pet it point in the center. I called her my "downie brownie pillow". I no longer have that pillow but I remembered Pat and Harley and asked them to be in my first show. The day of the show arrived and all the dealers were setting up. Pat and Harley were set up outside. That night it poured rain! I received a call at 2 AM from the people who owned the Barn and told me that their booth had collapsed. What a way to start. Pat and Harley were so gracious and kind. They just wiped everything off and reset up another booth. They have been with me now for 3 years. I love their style. It is elegant but with a cottage twist. Needless to say, they are now in the Barn, so be sure to look them up.

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