Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jenny K of Junk Girls

A friend of mine last fall told me about an assemblage artist that she had met. Jenny K is her name and she is having a showing of her work at this little store couple of towns over. It was a Saturday and I was in the middle of my Saturday chores but any chance to get out of them and I was off. Walked into the door of this little shop, faced a wall of galvanized sheeting and my jaw dropped. Rulers, rolling pins, foundry molds, horseshoes, funnels, musical parts and you name it. Junk some would say but not to Jenny K of Junk Girls. Jenny takes items that we would toss and turns them into creative emotional pieces of art. I have been wanting to include artists in my show and Jenny was perfect! Jenny’s creations are amazing. She uses bits and parts of vintage pieces and re-creates them into pieces that will touch your heart or be that special industrial piece that is perfect for that spot in your room.

Starting to put her booth together. Something was tickling her funny bone!

Junk girls booth...

Jenny is venturing out into lighting. Isn't this lamp beautiful!

You will love meeting Jenny of Junk Girls! Watch out because you will definitely be taking home one of her pieces.


  1. Absolutely love Jenny's art! I am such a fan!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful words Judy!

    Right back 'atcha Patti!

    :-) Jenny

  3. Great work. Old rulers are neat and getting harder to come by.