Monday, April 5, 2010

Diamonds and Rust

There is a little store in Pacific Grove, CA called "Diamonds and Rust". I have been hearing about this store for quite sometime but have never had a chance to visit. While talking to Georgeann, one of my vendors, she mentioned that she had a friend, Marilyn, that owns a store in Pacific Grove that would love to participate in the show. I said, "It wouldn't be called Diamonds and Rust would it?" "How did you know?" said Georgeann. Just a guess. So guess who's coming to join us in April? Please welcome Marilyn who I understand loves everything Italian. I just love when I have these wonderful vendors come to join the show and I have all of them under one roof. It sure makes my shopping fun! My customers that own vineyards will be waiting with anticipation to see her treasures from Italy. So be sure to visit Marilyn on the lawn.

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  1. I was in your fabulous store last month with my friend. I love your huge big building like an old bank, with the wrap around floor upstairs and big staircase. I wanted to move in and live there! I bought some candles and still have your postcard. You must have a big truck! Loved the big french table in the window. Can't wait to see it all