Saturday, April 17, 2010

Polly Janes and Soapappetit

Love this picture of Polly and Jillian and especially Polly's hat.

I have know Polly for many years. Polly has been involved in one project or another but always creating and recycling. I love that she doesn't think let's throw this away but how can I turn this item into something special. Whether it be an old wool sweater or a insulator, Polly will think of something. Not only does she think "Stylishly Green" but Polly is a lot of fun. I haven't seen her in awhile and then one afternoon I was at an art event in our little town and came across this booth. First I saw these beautiful scarfs and then I saw this table with old breadboards filled with handmade soap. Polly's friend, Jillian was cutting each bar of soap. I was totally enthralled...There is something about seeing this large block of soap, so organic looking, and having it cut into bars. I loved it! So, I thought that people that came to visit Remnants might enjoy it too. Well they did! Polly and Jillian will have a booth outside of the Barn with quite an array of handmade, recycled, organic and green items for you to enjoy.


  1. it looks so COLD!
    I also know, that wouldn't stop most shoppers after living here where you just expect it to rain at any outdoor event.

  2. I have a twin to Polly's hat. :) It's my favorite JunkMarketStyle hat I wear all the time. Not my families favorite, though. lol