Friday, April 16, 2010

Vintage, Industrial, Primitive and Cottage

I know the title of this post seems random, but when you meet Sidney and Sandi and see how they can pull together a booth, you will love their style as much as I do. I met Sidney about 12 years ago when she had her company, Country House Fabrics. I would buy pillows and bedding for my store and during this time, we would share our love of flea markets. Every month, I would see Sidney at the local fleas and that is when I met her friend, Sandi. Well, they are quite the shopping duo if you can keep up with them. Both of them have quite a keen eye. When shopping with them, they tell such funny stories that you forget that you are supposed to be shopping and before you know it...they have bought everything that you were thinking of buying. Since those times, Sidney has sold her company and was in between careers. Of course, Sidney wanted to be a part of the show and has been ever since. On to their style...they love a neutral palette with a hint of color. Sidney and Sandi both love primitives but I love how they mix it with industrial accents and then soften it with fabrics. You will LOVE their style and them as much as I do. Find them in the Barn and please keep them busy talking so that I can shop!

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