Monday, August 2, 2010

Carmel and more...

This is the second half of our little getaway. If you have never been to Carmel, it is a must when visiting California. We have some good friends that are generous to let Stephen and I stay in their wonderful home. It is such a peaceful oasis for us to visit.

We got up early the next morning and headed to the Moss Landing Flea Market which is held once a year in this little town. It was so foggy and cold but Stephen is such a sport. He followed me around and picked up my purchases and then we were off to Carmel again to visit my favorite store, Tancredi & Morgan.

I am so excited for Roger and Marsha! They are expanding and opening a new store called Estate. Knowing this couple, I know that it will be absolutely gorgeous. It was fun to see Marsha and one of her twin daughters, Gwynnie.

Next, we did a little window shopping which is so charming with the little side alleys that shoot off with tiny stores and the plants! Everything grows in Carmel. There are vines and flowers everywhere mixed in with old stone. Gorgeous. We stopped in a little restaurant called. ll Fornaio. I loved this place with the tall beamed ceilings, huge round table and wood burning fireplace. We had appetizers and a glass of wine and then off to the car to head back to our place. As were walking down one of the side streets, we heard a classical guitar and I pulled my husband's arm and said "Let's check it out". We walked into the Cypress Inn. As we entered this inn, there was a room off to the right that had a huge roaring fire and overstuffed sofas everywhere and a classical guitarist playing. Needless to say, we had to stop. We sat in front of this fire and listen to music. What a wonderful evening. Evidently, this hotel was owned by Doris Day and that explains why there were dogs everywhere. Doris Day was quite the dog lover. What a weekend! A bridal shower, Carmel, flea marketing, dining and relaxing. Don't you wish that every weekend was like this?


  1. Oh My I'm having a bit of envy right now. It's been a year since I have been to Cambria and am having coastal withdrawls,,LOL !

    I stayed at the Doris Day hotel once ..was very nice only drawback is the walls are paper thin.

    The fleamarket looked so fun !

    Glad you had a wonderful time !

    Blessings. Sara

  2. What fun! And a twin named Gwynnie? I've never seen anyone else spell their name like me. She must be a cool and creative chick :)

    Now I'm planning on a visit to Carmel...

  3. I'm so honored to share in your vacation with you via blogging! Thank for bringing it to us.
    Sandy - The Tattered House.