Thursday, August 26, 2010


I like to introduce you to Jillian of So-ap-petit. I was strolling along an Art Faire in the little beach community that I live in when I came across this booth with the most wonderful smells wafting through the aisle. All I noticed was this woman with large wooden cutting boards cutting slices of soap. I was intrigued by the how old fashioned and traditional the movement was. I LOVED it! Jillian makes these soaps with all natural ingredients and displays them on vintage pieces. Charming... One of my dreams for my show is to be able to include some wonderful craftswomen and Jillian is one of them. Be sure to stop by Jillian's booth and treat yourself. Be sure to stop by tomorrow and meet the amazing couple Harley and Pat Bates...


  1. Oh i love the vintage farmhouse feel of her soaps! Cant wait to smell everything :)