Thursday, September 2, 2010

Colleen Faber

I would like for you to meet Colleen Faber. I distinctly remember walking by her booth at a flea market and glancing by and thinking good booth but kept on walking then stopped and took three steps backwards and took a look again. What I saw was such creativeness using things that we would not take a second look at and turning them into such works of fun creativeness. I bought some things and then walked on. The next flea there was Colleen again with completely different items but all hand made and with her creative mark. Okay I thought, she needs to be a part of the show. I am happy to say that she said YES! A little information about Colleen. She has worked with many interior designers by helping them create their visions. Colleen has taken many art classes and finally took the step and opened her own art studio. She creates items for the home using found objects and loves working with parts and pieces that you and I would overlook. I am very excited to see what she brings in October.

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